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Our PEA or Private Education Association is by design built to promote collaboration and educational excellence!


Our Mission

This PEA is designed to support home schooling parents and students who seek to connect and collaborate with other families both locally (Hartford Area) and world wide.  This webpage is designed to provide links to informative and useful collaborative partners and resources.  We offer a monthly newsletter and regular free educational webinars for families.  Please fill out our contact form below for the free newsletter.  Also please consider becoming a V.I.P member of the PEA for more exclusive updates and information.  Members of the V.I.P level of the PEA receive high quality educational classes and other tutoring services and supports by licensed and trained professionals.  Contact Dr. Silva at for further information if interested in the V.I.P membership tier.  Use of this website is free and requires no membership or payment.  


Links and Resources

Below are links to various homeschooling network resources.  Some are local to CT region and some are national.  If you have a homeschooling network website, please consider linking arms with us and allowing us to add your website link here as a part of our resources. 

National Homeschooling websites

National Home School Association

Homeschool Help | Homeschooling Sites | National Homeschool

Cites Local to CT AREA

Home Page - (

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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